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The opportunity to refer people to the Street Smart System can be a significant added monthly income to you. Honestly we know this business opportunity is something people would pay to be a part of as the income can be so great. For now there is no charge to you and this is considered a Thank You reward for your investment in our system in addition to the great profits it can bring you as well.

This profit center is easy to add as you likely meet with other investors or want-to-be investors, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs regularly. Simply tell them you�ve found a powerful system unlike anything out there and much more profitable and ask if they want to know more.

Entering them is easy. There is no limit to the number you can add but be sure they want to receive real estate information and gifts from us. No spamming! They have to be introduced by you and want to hear from us.

As you may have noted � the payment of commissions is based upon the lead not already being in our system. We love happy and satisfied customers and want to avoid any misunderstandings regarding this policy. PLEASE READ the following to avoid any confusion, misunderstandings or hard feelings. That is the LAST THING we would want to have happen.

We spend a lot of money to get a prospect like you into our database to expose our system. Typically this is a single payment for a REIA host, event promoter, marketing trade show or advertising expense. It may look easy but it is extremely expensive to get a lead, then to convert them to a customer.

We are willing to pay existing clients far more than the typical cost of a lead. A single referral could bring you $5,000 � or more � as it has for others already! Why? Because it is a referral from an existing client (you) and you are helping them make the same wise decision you did is why we are so generous to pay you for a brand new lead.

This distinction is important. If we have already spent money to get a lead in the first place we cannot pay a second time.

1.     If your lead is already in our system you will be notified immediately. Rest assured we do not play games and will not mislead you.

2.     Please understand if they were entered previously, or now as an entity, or under a different name, or spelling, or the spouse, or partners name is already in the database � that may disqualify that lead for commission to you at a later date. How would we know? Because we ask and possibly because they will ask for a credit for what they have spent in the past.

3.     Even if they are already in our system we would appreciate your full-throated endorsement and recommendation even though you will not be paid a commission. Thank You.

Here are some examples to help clarify and keep us on the same page. 

Example 1: Say you are at an event and Lou is the speaker and your friend buys a part of the Street Smart system there because you told them they should get it. That does NOT qualify for a commission. Why? Because Street Smart had to pay the promoter dearly for that sale. You likely can understand that a second commission � especially in light of how generous ours is � would not be feasible.

Example 2: You are at one of my classes and see someone you know there and encourage them to buy. That does NOT qualify for a commission to you. Why? Because we already paid dearly to get them in the first place and get them to the event in the second place. Please encourage them and support them in making a wise decision.

Example 3: You entered a lead into our system and your lead attends a non-Street Smart event given by another promoter or REIA. Your friend buys the system there. You do NOT get paid for that. Once again we had to pay dearly for that sale at that event and cannot pay a second time. If your friend buys before that event occurs or at a later time � 30 days after that event � AND they were ALREADY in our system entered by YOU then yes, absolutely you would be paid for that lead. Note that we said they were in the system BEFORE we spoke at the event.

Example 4: You attend a non- Street Smart event where Lou is a speaker. You collect up names and enter them into the system after he speaks. We do NOT want to be seen as someone who encourages people not to buy at a promoters event! They spent a lot to get those folks there and we want to be fair to them as well. Do NOT hurt our reputation with a promoter or REIA! If it is found you did that we will pull the plug on all future commissions. Why? Because if that promoter hears about this activity it is likely that promoter would never have us back. Future business and new clients would be lost. That�s a BIG deal. PLEASE respect everyone involved and your place in this opportunity.

Example 5: You hold an event. You promote it. You spend your own marketing dollars, rent the room, create interest and a database of leads, follow up with phone calls, e-mails, text blasts and voice drops and get the folks there. Yes, you get the commission on those folks who buy there - even if they are in our database! Why? You made the effort, got them there and even though they were in our database your efforts caused them to buy a product we had not been able to sell them. You get paid for that!

Example 6: You do everything in example # 5 plus we co-promote the event � meaning Street Smart sends out to get our people to attend � we will work out beforehand a different arrangement on sales at that event to our list.

We happily pay referral commissions and enthusiastically want to do so. Get your folks in the ReferWiz and encourage them to attend our next event. It can absolutely seal the deal for you to be there as well. They buy and you get paid after the refund return period on a 30 day cycle and into the future as they grow through our amazing system.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to email or call. Again, we do not want to leave any room for confusion. 

Thank You for your business!!

Thank You for your support! 

Thank You for your referrals! 

We look forward to sending you big, fat checks and the reward you�ll feel from helping others get a terrific business model and support.

Best, Lou

Certified Affordable Housing Provider

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